Gingival (or “pocket”) irrigation utilizes special antimicrobial solutions that are gently injected into the pockets around your teeth using a special syringe with a rounded tip. This procedure is typically performed in conjunction with periodontal therapy called scaling and root planing (“deep cleaning”). By flushing out toxins and debris and killing harmful bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease, this important step in your periodontal therapy will help your gums to heal following treatment.

Waterpik® water flossers can be used at home for gingival irrigation as part of your regular oral hygiene care to maintain periodontal health. These remove food, plaque and other debris from between your teeth, helping to keep the periodontal pockets in your mouth clean and shallow so that your gum disease does not worsen. Home use of a Waterpik flosser can also deliver antimicrobial solutions below the gumline to fight harmful bacteria and has the added benefit of preventing bad breath.

These special antimicrobial rinses can be purchased from our office to use with your Waterpik flosser. For most people, Waterpik flossers do not take the place of regular flossing, nor do they eliminate the need for professional care. You should continue to visit our dentist at least twice a year. But as we like to say, the care WE provide in our office is not nearly as important as what YOU do every day!

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